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Here's what people are saying:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Wholeness Process [live training]. I have been using it daily, mostly before I sleep. So far, very good results….”

Cecil McGregor, Software Architect, Sunnyvale, CA

“I have been meditating, and contemplating for 40 years and the Wholeness Process gives me greater flexibility and refined tools for accomplishing stillness.”

Ray Haiduk, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“The Wholeness Process is an effective, simple, and direct method for spiritual awakening, as well as for your own personal development or therapy. From my personal experience, I am delighted to recommend this program. If I can follow it and get a lot from it, then I suspect you will too.”

Shelle Rose Charvet, NLP Trainer, author of Words That Change Minds, Canada

“This simple process definitely works for me. While I’m doing it, no spiritual fireworks, « just » a deep, healing peace. Over time, for now : not an « egolessness », but a very gradual loss of attachment to « ego ». And that’s much more than I had hoped for when starting this program… With … deep gratitude”

Maarten Aalberse, Clinical Psychologist, France

“The Wholeness Process created a huge breakthrough in my life. A breakthrough beyond my wildest expectations. I could not believe that it’s possible to have such a big change with a process that is so simple and easy, and yet so extremely profound. Connirae is a true master when it comes to change. She combines her unbelievable skilled NLP Mastery with an understanding beyond words about the deepest realms of your soul.”

Martin Weiss, Coach, Germany

“The processes learned there help fill in missing pieces and smooth out the wrinkles of life.”

— Renée Cabourne, CFP®, La Verne, CA

“…it feels like what I am learning with you is a real game changer. What a gift you're bringing to the world...”

— Anonymous, 2015 email

“Thank you very much for again taking something that is generally thought of as wispy and unspecific and making it specific, easy, and learnable to use in a variety of areas. Job well done. Great stuff, and I'm liking and using it more every day.”

— Gary Skaleski, Counselor, Brookfield, WI

“I use mindfulness principles and practices and body awareness a lot, and this immediately deepened and expanded what I am doing personally and professionally.”

— Joan Williamson, LPC, Sept 2015 Participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Process training

“I have viewed the free 75-minute introductory video training and I am just beginning to view the ‘Wholeness Process’ videos. I am amazed at the pertinence of the process. And especially, I enjoy the quality of the flow and the centered presence demonstrated by Connirae. Years have gone by since I last saw Connirae and was taught the Core Transformation Process in the 1990's. I still love this process and I find it just as pertinent as when she first presented it.

“And again she is creatively leading us in another process which is easily accessible and lends itself not only to many venues but also to real spiritual enlightenment if we so wish. I find it really full of promises. So much so, that myself and two of my colleagues who love the CT process have registered to attend Connirae's presentation of the ‘Wholeness Process’ in New York. We think that being there with her is worth traveling the distance and leaving the comfort of our homes. Hope that many others will make the same decision.”

Lorraine Bourque, Core Transformation Trainer, New Brunswick, Canada

“Learning to invite a symptom, or the 'I' into the Awareness was very impactful and I am still practicing it - makes me calmer. I would recommend it [the Wholeness Training] and say: anyone with NLP skills would understand and benefit from the powerful deepening of the experience of being part of a larger awareness.”

— Jan Prince, NLP Trainer, NLP of the Rockies

"[The Wholeness Training] was fantastic! I received great benefits from the processes during and after. First my experience at one point was like an actual veil that surrounded my entire body, that held me in certain patterns of behavior, some since childhood, lifted from the ground up. When it was happening I said to my self in amazement 'wow,the spell has lifted,' and that's what it felt like. There was a feeling of being freed and total clarity and my body was glowing. This has continued. Old behaviors disappeared. No longer were there feelings of being pushed and pulled into different behaviors. Another experience was as if my life was a long narrative with all the commas in the sentences in the wrong places. In going through the process, the commas automatically rearranged themselves to where they should be, turning the narrative into a creative, smooth, sweet poem. The seminar was well organized and I particularly found ConnieRae's narrative on her personal experience in the process and meditation and how she came to form the process helpful. The seminar was well organized and wonderful as usual, the best!!!"

— Richard McGrath, participant in Connirae's Wholeness Training in Boston, Sept 2015

“Workshop of the 3 days was excellent. I am very grateful to have had this experience and I would strongly urge others to attend.”

— Marie, Sept 2015 Participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Workshop

“I learned to trust myself to a greater extent, to tap into my intuitive nature more — which is something I have found doubt in the past. Fast moving, but would always come around. Brilliant insights — thank you.”

—Karin, Sept 2015 Participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Workshop

“For me this training filled in a missing piece.”

— Anonymous, Sept 2015 participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Workshop

“These techniques are very powerful for my awareness, peace and calm.”

— Patricia, Sept 2015 Participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Workshop

“Thank you for giving me a way to access the different parts of myself that allow integration to happen at essential levels.”

— Susan Liesemer, Sept 2015 Participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Workshop

“Detaching from the story works! Love the last exercise.”

— Cindy Binkele, September 2015 Participant at Connirae’s Wholeness Process workshop

“…just wanted to thank you for some very profound changes that I keep noticing in my life. My anxiety is down by like 80% in my daily life. And it's the first time in many years that I've had consecutive days of not being depressed, as in not being overly tired and having everything seem too complicated for me to deal with. And I feel like life is much more manageable and interesting for me all around.”

— Anonymous, 2015 email re: Wholeness Process work

“I’ve done a lot of personal growth and changework, and while I’m grateful for all that’s changed, I’ve still always had an issue with not feeling secure financially. After the workshop, that just hasn’t been an issue any longer.”

— Participant at 2015 Boulder Wholeness Workshop

“As I see it, it's THE perfect, simple, very elegant and accessible Gateway (short cut) to discover and befriend yourself. ... I'm still integrating and working on it all. Your booklet (and books) are beside my bed, and I read passages of them every night and do one or the other exercise until sleep takes over.”

— Sara MAGNON, France

“Last week I was on my way to a dinner party. I have never been comfortable with dinner parties, and was already a nervous wreck. I did the Wholeness Process and got completely relaxed. That’s never happened before — I actually enjoyed the evening. I also used the process for allergies. I did it when I started getting the symptoms, and my itchy eyes and stuffy nose cleared up right away.”

Sally M., Phoenix, AZ

“[The Wholeness Process] works like nothing has ever worked, and I have tired it all....I now fall asleep calmly and easily almost every night. I look and feel younger, am shedding excess pounds, and am experiencing more congruency on a daily basis. I used to be aware that I was 'out of awareness' and didn't know how to get the awareness back in stressful moments. This process has dissolved that roadblock. I give it 5 stars.”

— Cate Lord, Colorado

“I was facing a high-stress situation that affected my ability to think clearly, engage with people, sleep…the process helped me gain a perspective that both opened my heart and allowed me to feel more peaceful, even neutral. I went from feeling jittery to feeling level, and was then able to be a better resource to myself and to others in that same situation.”

— Nonprofit Executive Director, NLP Master Practitioner

“[After doing the Wholeness Process with this issue] I wasn’t looking for the acceptance and recognition from others in the office, as I did before. And yesterday my girlfriend started arguing with me, and I noticed I didn’t feel attacked. It was nice because before I felt her arguing was like an attack to me, like disapproval from her of me. Now it’s totally different. I was calm, and I didn’t react. I didn’t have the need to defend myself.”


“I’ve felt a really big difference. I can deal with conflict better, and I feel creative about how I deal with things. I can sleep more soundly, more solidly. Before I would often wake up and things would be on my mind, bothering me. If I do this process I am peaceful before going to sleep, and then I sleep a lot better.”

Senior in college dealing with grad school applications & interviews

“I was amazed the first time I tried it and noticed bad feelings melt away, leaving me with peace and wondering ‘Where did it go?’ I have a new and easy tool I can use to neutralize cravings and addictions. ... I highly recommend this training for people who are searching for inner peace and love.”

Jeff Denison

“It’s made a difference at home and at work. I’m just not being dragged into dramas as easily. I have the feeling ‘It will work out fine.’ Things don’t pop up as much. And when they do it’s easier to deal with. It’s easier to relax.”

Single mother of two children

“[The full 8-hour online training was] life changing in the sense that my access to equanimity has never been as stable and profound. Enabled me finally to stop caffeine and sugar successfully. Equanimity when my young daughter’s goal is conflicting with mine. I.e. being late for school. The shifting between wholeness and separation appears to have ceased since using this method. When I began the I’s were smaller and more solid. Now they tend to be very subtle, hazy ‘energies’ which cover more space. So without needing it to, the process continues. I think it goes deeper than anything else.”

Danny, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“Excellent. A profound experience which has been far more useful and effective for me than any past ‘mindfulness’ experiences. Thank you for this course! Benefits: Better quality of sleep. Deeper relaxation. Increase in general well-being. Most Useful: I particularly like the group guided process as have found the audio prompts within that video, and the tone, pace and language from Connirae most useful and helpful, in order to follow the process by myself.”

Jason Fletcher, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“I love it! I’m just about to be ordained as an interfaith minister, and have spent two years exploring how the spiritual journey ‘fits’ with the personal development one. This is beautiful work: elegant and effective. Doing this process very quickly takes me into the awareness of ‘All That Is’. It’s not yet my default response, but I sense it will become increasingly automatic as a means of reminding myself of wholeness when I’ve separated into an ego part.”

Julia MacDonald, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“Excellent — I love it. I have used it with clients and it always helps get to deep levels quickly. I have found it is particularly good when there is a lot of emotional resistance and frustration as it allows you to let go of that and just follow the process.”

Anonymous, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“This is powerful! I love it. I want to use it more — after some more study of the program.”

Elizabeth Nostedt, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

“I am so turned on to this Process, I feel like I had an Experience of The THAT in a Way that is Total Simplicity Per Se.”

 — Lotus N. Gates, CH, participant in New York, NY Wholeness

“Excellent! Connirae is a terrific presenter and has a very down to earth way of teaching and explaining. Loved it! I learned a new way of doing NLP that feels very grounded and helpful. … It's a wonderful way of re-integrating parts of the self that have been separated, and directly repossessing personal potential. Made me extremely relaxed.”

Julie Cullison, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, CA

“It was excellent — thoughtful, well structured, good pace, lots of learning, good interaction. What an amazing process! I have used the process many times already and find it flexible and powerful. I've already recommended it as a powerful, flexible, deeply spiritual but highly practical process that can be learned easily and explored over a lifetime.”

Judith Sugg, Ph.D., Counselor, Trainer, Writer

“Absolutely [I experienced benefit]! Each process we learned will have specific value to my coaching practice. I loved them all but the authority process is amazing! Thank you for developing this exquisite process!”

Richard Flesher, Sulphur Springs, TX

“I thought it was ingenious and accessible and I enjoyed it very much. The benefits were increased self-awareness and fresh insights in that I was able to make links that were not previously accessible to me. ...I would recommend this training; it simplifies complex techniques and allows people to access deeper parts of their knowing without the usual obstacles that the mind presents.”

— Randy Taran, founder, Project Happiness, Palo Alto, CA

“I experienced some moments of feeling the energy and connectivity that I associated with feeling brief glimpses of what I consider to be enlightenment. It was nice to see how those could be accessed in a random room with a bunch of strangers, and has left me inquiring how and when this process may offer benefits to me and others moving forward.”

— Keith Desrosiers, CO

“The training itself was robust, practical and the time to get acquainted with the work was well done. ... It has enhanced my meditation practice.... I have also applied it when I have been in conversations at work where clients' requests seem to be non-productive or counter to our professional recommendations. The thing that is most difficult to put into words is my profound gratitude and amazement at the insights and expertise that Connirae brings to the work. It is like listening to a magnificent symphony and trying to sense how a single person could hear the music, could interweave the instruments and have this mellifluous flow be in such harmony.”

— Diane Short

“I think the process is ground breaking. The training has enhanced my happiness and my ability to deal with difficult situations. The process where we integrated something that was missing was very helpful for me. I integrated community and no longer feel the acute lack I felt before.”

— Anonymous

“I had a client today and guided her through the multi-layers of 'I' in about 20 minutes. It works!!! … It's a beautiful process deserving to be disseminated widely!”

— Cherng-Horng Lan, Taiwan, Aroma NLP Coach

“The seminar was beyond my expectation. I felt deepest healing I’d never gotten with any other method…. one of my most negative parts was surely disappeared before I know. The part was negative, but it was mostly equal to my identity, so I did not try to work with it. The change happened in Integrating What’s Missing [on day 2]… Afterwards I realized I had worked with a part I never thought to work with because I believed it would be with me ‘til the end of my life. I’m filled in wonder the part has gone so easily without any force. It was so beautiful experience and now I feel calm and peacefulness in my mind. …Thank you for creating these marvelous works and Tamara san to bring all to Japan.”

—Anonymous, from the Oct 2015 Wholeness training in Japan with Tamara Andreas

“After over 20 years in NLP, I am having telephone sessions using the Wholeness Process. I can hardly believe how much it is helping me to shift old patterns of behavior that never wanted to begin to budge. Thank you for your work.”

— Jo Hogg, London, UK

“During the very first process, pain from a muscle spasm I’d been experiencing for several weeks with little relief (despite a massage) simply disappeared and hasn’t returned.

I found the process for working with a yearning or longing was extremely powerful, filling a hole that I’ve been living with since I was about two years old! The ongoing effects of having integrated that part are still playing out.

With 8 months left before I can retire with a full pension, but still needing an unreduced income due to life circumstances — a son yet to enter university and a mortgage — I am again contemplating transitioning to an NLP coaching practice. I have thought about this before, but this time I feel differently, like more is possible, or I am capable of more.

When I came home from Boston, I arrived to the news that I had received a callback about a mammogram, but I had to wait a week for the appointment. I had a relatively peaceful week prior to my re-screening and didn’t experience a great deal of stewing about it, which is what I would have done in the past.

I’ve continued to use the various iterations of the process almost daily since returning from Boston and each time I am delighted at how it releases tension, anxiety, aches and pains, stress and unpleasant emotional states etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Wholeness Process training to anyone looking for increased wellness and decreasing limitation.”

— Leslie Bell, Ontario, Canada